Distance Diaries

As we've come to see, coronavirus has transformed life for all of us. We're in a period of the unknown, experiencing a time none of us ever expected.

Like so many, we have a number of questions and are in search of answers.

To help us understand the shifting beliefs, behaviors, hopes, and fears that will shape our future, we engaged folks across the US to capture a cross-section of this shared moment and the human stories within.

Below is just a highlight of what we heard back.

Week Six

In our final week, people share how COVID-19 is shifting their life values.

Week Five

This week, we explore health and wellness; including mental health during Covid-19 and future health habits

Week Four

This week, we reflect on Month 1 of quarantine and we dive into how people are staying entertained.

Week Three

This week, we dive into how people are spending time and how their concept of "time" may be shifting.

Week Two

This week we hear about the emotional and economic impact from the pandemic.

Week One

Introducing our diarists who are chronicling their experiences from across the country.

Stay safe at home,
but stay in touch

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We're happy to share what we heard and discuss what we think this might mean for our new normal.